Vancouver Japanese cosmetics industry APP development case

by John Doe

The screenshot below is the mobile app we developed for our client in Vancouver, Canada in the Japanese pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.Available for download and testing in App Store and Google Play。The target customer group of the App is mainly to the Chinese in Canada. The App has access to WeChat three-party login, Apple ID login, WeChat sharing and other APIs, and uses WeChat payment, Alipay payment and Stripe credit card payment. The App also supports customers with addresses in China to place orders directly.
The front-end architecture of this APP supports the future release of H5 micro-mall, WeChat mall, which is fully compatible with multiple channels and runs smoothly under iOS and Android systems, while successfully avoiding all possible risks of being rejected on the App Store for the increasingly stringent review mechanism. The advantage of PHP framework is that it is safe and stable, and very easy for development.