Latest customer cases based on Shopware 6 development

by John Doe

Shopware 6 is currently the most powerful and advanced open source eCommerce platform. Why Shopware?

Customer Requirements:

  1. Platform: Shopware 6 (Open Source, Community Edition)
  2. Multilingual (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
  3. Payment: Stripe, Paypal
  4. Template Development
  5. Prices/language are based on country (IP)
  6. Video Courses
  7. Public/private, Subscription Time, Duration, Tutor
  8. Video tutorial access restrictions
  9. After a customer places an order, the system will automatically send a notification email
  10. Send notification email to supplier based on shipping address
  11. System has the ability to create landing pages for events.
  12. Newsletter



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