Canadian Wechat App Development Case, Vancouver Wechat Mini-program Development Case

by John Doe

Having recently completed a Vancouver online pet food sale for a WeChat App case, we only released the microstore version, the WeChat App version was not released because the client company did not have an overseas subject certification public number that could be used to call the WeChat API.

Our Wechat store supports WeChat Payments, Alipay Payments and Stripe Credit Card Payments in Vancouver, Canada. We are currently developing an interface with Alphapay in Vancouver, Canada, and we highly recommend our clients to use Stripe for credit card payment.

The customer's products are few, and other standard mall is obviously different, which requires more detailed production of each product category and combination of promotional activities, the system background to improve the system notification function, convenient sales administrator can quickly respond to the order processing work.

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Scanning Qrcode: