Latest customer cases based on Shopware 6 development

by John Doe
Shopware 6 is currently the most powerful and advanced open source eCommerce platform. Why Shopware? Customer Requirements: Platform: Shopware 6 (Open Source, Community Edition) Mu...

Launch Online Grant Program

by John Doe
Grants of up to $7,500 per business to help cover the costs of launching or upgrading an online store during the pandemic. What is the Launch Online Grant Program? The Launch Online Grant prog...

Vancouver Japanese cosmetics industry APP development case

by John Doe
The screenshot below is the mobile app we developed for our client in Vancouver, Canada in the Japanese pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Available for download and testing in App Store and...

Shopware 6 Simplified Chinese Language Pack and Traditional Chinese Language Pack are now available.

by John Doe
During more than a month, we completed the most excellent PHP open source e-commerce system - Shopware 6 Chinese characterization work. For such a good and huge PHP open source e-commerce system, ...

First draft for the North American and Canadian versions of the WeChat app, Mini-program and App

by John Doe
Technology stack:PHP Yii2 Framework, MySQL, Swoole, Redis, LNMP, Websocket, VUE, Javascript Canadian versions of the WeChat app, Mini-program and App:     基本版 ...

Canadian Wechat App Development Case, Vancouver Wechat Mini-program Development Case

by John Doe
Having recently completed a Vancouver online pet food sale for a WeChat App case, we only released the microstore version, the WeChat App version was not released because the client company did no...

Wechat Microstore, Wecha Mini-program and APP in Vancouver Canada

by John Doe
As I write this journal, the world is going through a tough time with the Covid-19 neo-crown virus pandemic. In Vancouver, Canada, a lot of wholesale and retail businesses and stores had to shift ...

Meet CS-Cart 4.11.1 with Warehouses and Other Improvements

by John Doe
CS-Cart has released CS-Cart 4.11.1. this article will cover the most important of them. There are also changes specific to Multi-Vendor, which we cover in a different article. Warehouses: Sepa...

Developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) based on Craft CMS

by John Doe
PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is the Chinese name for Progressive Web Apps, and since Google launched this technology in 2015, PWA technology has become quite mature and widespread, and most of the f...

基于 CS-CART 的 CHAOLIFE 加拿大潮生活微网站

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