Wechat Microstore, Wecha Mini-program and APP in Vancouver Canada

by John Doe

As I write this journal, the world is going through a tough time with the Covid-19 neo-crown virus pandemic. In Vancouver, Canada, a lot of wholesale and retail businesses and stores had to shift their main sales from offline to online, and we started getting more inquiries than usual for e-commerce website projects, and the pressure on my job increased sharply. I also admit that Chinese people prefer to use their mobile phones to purchase supplies by sitting on the couch or bed, which makes people's purchasing behavior less rational. End traditional e-commerce sites can get more sales results.

WeChat app and micro mall is different, a large part of our customers often confuse them for a concept. In China, WeChat Mall is earlier than the emergence of the WeChat app, WeChat Mall is the beginning of the use of HTML5 development of mobile phones highly adapted to the microsite, later in the emergence of Angular, React, Vue, based on these front-end excellent technical framework development of the WeChat using the experience more and more like an APP, we can open the microsite in WeChat, can also use it in the mobile browser. The WeChat app is based on WeChat internal syntax of the development of applications, it can only be used within WeChat. After years of development, WeChat applet has more market share than the microstore. From the consumer's point of view, the main difference between WeChat applets and micro-malls is only the circular or square QR code, and the secondary difference is that WeChat applets are particularly easy to use in WeChat, greatly simplifying the text input process. However, not all Chinese in Canada can use WeChat and WeChat Pay (WeChat Canada, Alipay by Alphapay, Snappay, OTT and other payment companies), the more common Visa, Master credit card payment can not be used in the WeChat app, third-party credit card interface providers Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Moneris, etc. are only available in Microstore and PC sites, and at the same time, WeChat's parent company has very strict industry restrictions on North American gadgets, and many industries cannot apply for WeChat gadgets. Therefore, microstore, app is more suitable for Chinese in Canada.

Many of our clients, when describing their requirements to us, focus mainly on the functionality of the system and the front-end UI design, after all, not all Chinese owners have IT experience, they do not know there are more important things to focus on. I want each client to have a full understanding of what they want to do, what we can do, and what they get when they work with us.

First, system security, don't make a system that even a beginner hacker can handle. I put it first because I've seen too much pain, mental anguish and material loss to small and medium-sized businesses because of neglecting system security, and the end result is facing the tough decision of pushing back. According to the cybersecurity firm's report, 90% of the websites hacked in 2019 were Wordpress, including online and micro-malls developed based on the Wordpress Woocommerce eCommerce plugin. Software that still uses older system architecture such as Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. eCommerce, CMS systems are just as vulnerable to attacks. If your system was hacked, can not find the vulnerability in the case of where the repair can not talk about, then there is only one way - shut down the site, shut down the site means that you will lose all your online customers.

Second, secure payments, do not make a system that has any payment information hidden to consumers. Now the entire site of the e-commerce site to open the SSL (HTTPS), which will ensure that when customers use the micro Mall personal information are encrypted, even after being eavesdropped on and can not obtain important information about customers, eavesdropping attacks will most often occur in the customer's mobile phone, the customer's mobile phone if malicious attackers installed a backdoor software, you can be the customer's mobile phone sensitive information transmission to hackers. When developing a credit card payment system for a microstore, it is important to make sure that the payment system company providing the Visa, Master credit card channel has obtained the PCI-DSS security certification (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), as I mentioned above for Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Moneris, and other big companies have credit card gateways that are safe to use, and at the same time, when integrating these credit card gateways in microstores and apps, you should never save your customers' credit card information into the system server database, nor should you allow credit card information submitted by customers to be resubmitted through your server to the credit card gateway company, because you can't guarantee that your The server system is absolutely safe.

System performance. One of the most essential items in the user experience is fast response to user actions. Be sure to optimize your micro-mall, so that the front-end file size as small as possible, which will improve the rendering speed of WeChat and mobile browsers. Now excellent micro mall are using the front-end and back-end separation architecture, the back-end only to the front-end Json data API, back-end caching and other technologies to minimize server computing, as for large APP applications, the back-end server, database system but also a more advanced architecture deployment.

Three, durable, stable, scalable. Back-end system as far as possible to use newer frameworks, in the PHP-based development program, we recommend Yii2, symfony, Laravel and other mainstream frameworks, their system security, stability is carefully polished by the world's best PHP programmers designed. We recommend our clients to have their own open source systems, so that they can decide to upgrade and redevelop their systems after the business development.

Long-term technical support. A project with long-term technical support is like a car that has been stepping on the accelerator to accelerate after starting, while a project without technical support is like a car that releases the accelerator to begin natural deceleration after starting. This problem is closely related to the current rapid development of hardware and software technology, I think many customers will have the same feeling, why I have been doing a few years, it is easy to be up-and-coming surpassed? Since the latter company has no historical baggage, it uses the latest modern engines right from the start of the project. One of the characteristics of the services we provide to our customers is that they are not greedy for more, and we focus on service permanence, maintaining an in-depth technical intervention with them, so that they have no worries.

I have casually written these words and wonder if they will help SME owners as they prepare to launch their microstore and mobile app, if there are more in-depth questions to discuss,welcome to contact us

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